Keynote Speaker Gretchen Schoenstein,
CEO and Founder, Finish Line Moments

Speaker Highlights

100th half marathon, sonoma

“Every step is a gift, every mile is an accomplishment, every finish line is a victory”

Gretchen Schoenstein, CEO and Founder, Finish Line Moments

Over 120 half marathons and a lifetime of inspirational achievements.

As an avid half marathon runner with more than 120 races to her credit, Gretchen Schoenstein is the epitome of tenacity, consistently demonstrating her commitment to seeing things through to completion. Her fervent approach to goal setting, accountability, motivation, and injecting fun into her endeavors permeates every aspect of her speaking.

Whether addressing global audiences, steering clients through change management transformations, offering leadership and communication coaching, or fostering best practices and synergy within Boards of Directors, Gretchen invests her heart in every growth and transformation moment. Her dedication helps propel individuals and organizations to new heights, marking her as a catalyst for change and achievement.

Her life’s adventures, ranging from marathon running, skydiving, and trekking across the Grand Canyon rim to rim, to engaging in numerous adventures road trips, have taught her the essence of persistence and the importance of setting lofty goals.


Finish Line Moments – One Step

Inspirational keynote about achieving even more than one could imagine by taking that first step

Learning Outcomes:

  • Start with one step – and then one more
  • What do you do after the first goal is achieved?
  • Never stop finding motivation to keep going

Stay Curious

What do you do when every roadblock kicks up in your way?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Make the call – who and how do you ask for help?
  • What’s another way? Is there an option c? What else is possible?
  • Stay present in the moment – what can the discomfort show you, what can come from the unknown and what does the pause teach you.

Gretchen In the Media

Inspiring Stories and Achievements

Mar 27, 2024 | KATU News 

Everyday Heroes: 2 Halfs, 2 Coasts, 2 Days


March 25, 2024 – Benaroya Research Institute

Runner Completes “2 Half Marathons, 2 Coasts, 2 Days” in support of BRI and Autoimmune Disease Awareness


July 16, 2023 |  Fox News San Francisco

Race Interview with Gretchen Schoenstein - 19th Annual Half Marathon in Sonoma


March 16, 2024 | Get Up DC

Interview with Gretchen Schoenstein - DC’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon


Inspiring Collaborations and Clients

“Every. Step. Counts.”

Gretchen Schoenstein

Gretchen’s Bio

Gretchen Schoenstein is an award-winning speaker and coach with over two decades of experience in leadership development and talent management. Her career spans working with a diverse array of organizations, including large and small technology firms, non-profit entities, startups, educational foundations, and companies in the retail, hospitality, and beauty sectors. 

Gretchen has an exceptional track record of enhancing the performance and engagement of workforces at all levels, from individual contributors and managers to C-suite executives and founders. 

A Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach and an award-winning speaker and facilitator, Gretchen is passionate about leveraging her deep operational expertise in executive and leadership coaching. Her approach is uniquely informed by her personal journey of completing over 120 half marathons, embodying the principles of perseverance, resilience, and goal achievement. These experiences, coupled with her battle against three autoimmune diseases, have instilled in her a profound understanding of the power of strength, perseverance, and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome adversity

Gretchen’s speaking engagements resonate with audiences because they are rooted in real-life challenges and triumphs. She is dedicated to unlocking and amplifying individual strengths and talents, guiding her audience through life’s obstacles to find success and fulfillment. Her philosophy is centered around compassionate tough love and a commitment to celebrating every victory,

Gretchen’s narrative is not just about enduring the marathon of life but thriving within it, marking each finish line with a sense of achievement and joy. Her dynamic speaking style and profound insights inspire transformation, making her a sought-after speaker for those seeking to elevate their leadership capabilities and achieve their personal and professional best.

Hear It From Those Who've Crossed Their Finish Lines

Celebrating Every Victory


Some people have a way of generating oxygen for others in need, and Gretchen has that rare ability. What’s fascinating is that she is able to generate that oxygen for others not just through her words and actions, but by the way she listens.

Bob Barton

President & CFO Persona Nutrition


If you want to learn about yourself and change how you show up, interact, or how you avoid things, and you’re willing to be open, you’ll love working with Gretchen.

Jeff Fenigstein

Vice President Marketing, Woodruff Sawyer


There aren’t a lot of people in my life who I can unequivocally say have changed my life for the better and made me a better person for knowing them but Gretchen is without a doubt one of those people. She has a superpower of being able to make people believe in themselves and their purpose and mission (she also has a superpower of being able to identify people’s geniuses – which I think goes hand and hand with this).

Anne Wakabayashi

Vice President, BerlinRosen

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